Theatre, Dramatics

Theatre, Dramatics

Theatre, Dramatics
Blackfriars, 1941 1
IV: Student Activities
Instituted yesterday by a men's organization at the University of Chicago, a unique study course on the subject of the college co-ed produced a mile-long list for college girls today. For study, the men selected 19 year-old freshman Frankie Etherton from Benton Illinois, a "young lady" whom they termed "Typical Miss Campus, 1941." After a number of different men escorted "her" to class, for campus strolls, and to lunch, they criticized "her" manners, speech, and taste in clothing, and the following list of don'ts and dos for co-eds was drawn up: 1. Frankie doesn't walk gracefully. A co-ed should be light on her feet. 2. Too much makeup. Overdoing makeup is vulgar and attracts too much attention. 3. Frankie has a too flirtatious nature. Men don't like flirts. 4. Smoking is all right at times, but a co-ed should not smoke incessantly. 5. Frankie found out that show-off girls are not accepted by today's college men. 6. Sports shoes detract from a girls' appearance as do stocking-less legs. Sweater and skirt outfits are acceptable. 7. Posing does not go over with men. Poses should be natural and graceful. If all these lessons were learned Frankie, it was said, would make an acceptable lady. But, it has to be noted someplace here that Frankie is really Frank Hickman Etherton, one of the actors of Blackfriars, the men's musical comedy group on the campus. Frank, who impersonates a female in this year's show, "Dust It Off," has only until April 25 to learn to be a lady, so he borrowed clothes from a co-ed and spent the day in girl's garb during which Ruth Wehlan, 19, a junior at the university, followed him around and gave him pointers. Frank is just one of the fellows who will appear in female roles in the Blackfriars' production, staged this weekend and next. With such an imposing list of criticisms from men, Frank was cheered by a co-ed who remarked: "At least you have a better figure than most of the club girls on this campus."
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