1923 Solar Eclipse Expedition

1923 Solar Eclipse Expedition

1923 Solar Eclipse Expedition
Photograph Album 1:1 (2008-242)
VI: Yerkes Observatory
Yerkes group and associates at Camp Wrigley. Among those pictured: Harold Foote, Robert Greenleaf, Charles Morehouse, Parmelee Daniels, Donald Menzel, Isabel Lange, Marion Vosburgh, Rebecca Hemley Plaskett, Mrs. Kingston, Mrs. R. W. Ashton, John H. Darling, John S. Plaskett, Edwin Windle, Daniel W. Morehouse, Oliver J. Lee, John A. Parkhurst, Edwin Brant Frost, Henry M. Foote, Christian T. Elvey, Herbert C. Wilson, Mrs. H. C. Wilson, Mr. Howell, Albert O. Howe, Paul Biefeld, Lloyd R. Wylie, Frank D. Urie, Mrs. Wilcox, Mrs. F. D. Urie, Mrs. Overholt, Mr. Churchill, Harold B. McLean, Samuel J. A. Wifvat, Elizabeth Young, Elmer T. Merrill, Oscar E. Romare, Estella Gillette Moulton, John C. Duncan, Mrs. J. C. Duncan, Forest R. Moulton, Anna Greenleaf Parkhurst, William D. MacMillan, Jacob Kunz, Mrs. Foote, Philip Fox, B. W. Harris, Issei Yamamoto, Father Luis Rod├ęs, S.J., Heber D. Curtis, Jessica Young, Mrs. I. Yamamoto, Miss Wylie, Annie Jump Cannon, William R. Jewell, Miss Hanan, Anna D. Lewis, Bertha W. Calvert, Joel Stebbins, Anne Sewell Young, Harold R. Kingston, Helen Barrett, Clifford C. Crump, Mary Ross Calvert, Jennie B. Lasby, Edward A. Fath, Alice H. Farnsworth, Harriet W. Bigelow, Ernest C. Bryant, Charles Ridell, John W. Campbell. Photograph taken on the Yerkes Observatory expedition to Santa Catalina Island, California to record the total solar eclipse of September 10, 1923 (see key to names of individuals, apf6-03446-068).
Yamamoto, Issei, 1889-1959 | Cannon, Annie Jump, 1863-1941 | Lewis, Anna Delia | Kingston, Harold Reynolds, 1886-1963 | Young, Anne Sewell, 1871-1961 | Curtis, Heber Doust, 1872-1942
Biefeld, Paul Alfred, 1867-1943
Photographic prints; 21.0 x 17.5 cm
Santa Catalina Island, California
Archival Photographic Files
University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Research Center

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